What is therapy? What happens in therapy? An introduction Los Angeles Times

Some people find improvement after eight sessions, and others after 6 months. Sometimes, for more severe cases, a year or two may be needed. We pride ourselves on providing safe, supportive, and identity-affirming services to members of the LGBTQ+ community. It can also be healing to hear other people share their stories because it reminds you that you’re not alone. This can be especially helpful if you’re coping with a disease, like cancer, or supporting a loved one with a chronic health condition or mental illness. People experiencing eating disorders, postpartum depression, alcohol and substance use disorder, and grief or loss may benefit from attending a support group. The American Psychological Association says there’s a big range of sessions needed. Not only can you meet with mental health professionals via teletherapy appointments, but you can also use the site’s array of resources, including worksheets, an online journal, and messaging with your therapist. Research shows that